10.6.21  |  5:45pm
Today we received TCO for several homes in area 2!  Residents affected by this will be sent move-in notifications.
10.6.21  |  4:00pm
Please note: Addresses and bedrooms are subject to change as apartments become available. We are placing residents in apartments as soon as they become available.  What does this mean?  
  • If you've been tracking your address and anticipating a longer delay, you may potentially be provided a new address and moved in sooner due to the approval of apartments.
  • Your anticipated address and bedroom may change. 
10.6.21  |  4:00pm
We're moving offices! Starting 10/8 our downtown location will be closed. Visit us at 2304 Paradise Court, Ann Arbor MI 48105 or call.
9.20.21  |  12:00pm
On September 17th, another round of residents moved into The One.  We'll continue to update residents as their apartments become available for move-in.
9.17.21  |  4:00pm
Residents with September 16th and 17th move-in dates will receive their first stipend payment on Monday, September 20th. All election forms must be signed and completed to receive your stipend.
9.10.21  |  5:20pm
In order for The One to send your second incentive, residents must first claim their initial incentive in Community Rewards.  We are unable to send your second incentive if the first has not been claimed.  If you have already claimed your first incentive and are still having issues, please email support@theoneannarbor.com for additional assistance.
9.9.21  |  5:35pm
Temporarily, for the week of 9/13, the shuttles will run the Loop Route (green) Monday - Friday and the Grocery Route (pink) on Saturday.  Route Schedules and Tracker can be found on our Shuttle Routes & Trackers page.  You can also click here:  Route  Tracker

As a note, the Ride public transit system stops near the entrance of The One as an additional mode of transportation.
9.9.21  |  1:25pm
HIGH IMPORTANCE:  As previously noted, no one is permitted at The One's active construction site.  It is imperative that the site is clear for your safety and the safety of the construction team.
9.9.21  |  1:00pm
We are now receiving TCOs from the city and are allowing residents to move-in upon approval of their apartment.  Residents with Option 1:  Once you have been notified that your apartment is available for move-in at The One, you hotel stay will come to an end.  If you should stay in the hotel longer than designated move-out timeframe, you will then be personally responsible for hotel payment.  The timeframe for moving will be provided in the email communication. 
9.9.21  |  12:00pm
INCENTIVE PAYOUT:  Residents who have completed their Option 1 and Option 2 paperwork for the delay from 9/9 to 9/16 will receive payments for 7 days and will be processed in two installments

If you move into your apartment during this timeframe, your incentive based on the number of days your apartment was delayed. The incentive will still be paid on the date(s) below.

You will find your incentive in your Community Rewards account.
Incentive payment schedule:
1st installment: Paid on 9/10 for 9/9-9/14
2nd installment: Paid on 9/16 for 9/15-9/16

If you do not receive your first installment today, please contact the team by emailing support@theoneannarbor.com 
9.8.21  |  5:00pm
Unfortunately, the day has closed and we did not receive the Certificate of Occupancies we were anticipating. We will be proceeding with the back up plan with those who responded with their updated Election Agreement. If you have not notified us what option you are choosing, please do so immediately. As soon as we have an update, we will contact you immediately.
9.7.21  |  4:30pm
A third shuttle has been added to Route 3 - "Shuttle 3C". The new shuttle time has been added to the Shuttle Routes & Trackers page.
9.3.21  |  12pm
A survey has been sent to all residents via Survey Monkey.  Please complete your survey by no later than 5:00pm EST Monday, September 6thThe survey has been sent to the email address on file in your resident portal. If you cannot find this email, please check your spam folder.  
9.3.21  |  3:30pm
HIGH IMPORTANCE: We have received several reports from the general contractor of residents/guests walking through the property.  As a reminder, the property is an active construction zone and no one is permitted to be on-site without approval.  As always, the safety and well-being of our residents is our highest priority.  Traffic from unapproved visitors is impeding on the contractor schedule -- it is imperative that residents and guests stay off the property to not only keep everyone safe, but to allow progress to continue and get everyone into their homes as quickly as possible.
9.3.21  |  8am
Reminder:  The One's office will be closed Monday, September 6th for Labor Day and will reopen for normal business hours on Tuesday, September 7th.  
9.1.21  |  9:30am
The One's general contractor and developer have been in constant communication with the City of Ann Arbor to gather information and status updates on the site's approval process.  We will be communicating these updates regarding your housing status this Friday, September 3rd.  We will post any additional updates to this page.  Should you have further questions, please email support@theoneannarbor.com or visit our FAQs page for commonly asked questions and answers.

8.31.21  |  6pm
Aerial images from the construction team. 

8.30.21  |  3pm
We have updated the order of shuttle stops for Shuttle 1 and added Hyatt Place as a stop. The new route can be found here.
8.26.21  |  4pm
Resident shuttle key tags have been dropped off at all respective hotels. Please be sure to visit the front desk to pick yours up. Starting Monday you will be required to show the shuttle driver your tag when boarding.